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Default [GAME] Kurves [Multiplayer!]

Hi all,

My first post on this forum!
And it is to advertise something...

I have been developing an Android-game with a friend of mine for the past few weeks, we called it Kurves.
It's (in my humble opinion) the first decent "Achtung Die Kurve!" (or "Zatacka") game for Android.
Up to four players can join the game, in which you will have to stay clear of the borders and the other aliens.

Well, enough chitchat, I'll post the link and some screenshots!

Video: Kurves - YouTube

The free version can be found here:
You will find the full version eventually, if you like our game. ;-)

If you have any suggestions, or bugs, feel free to post them! We will certainly take your opinion into account.

Join the fight with the other aliens and claim your planet!
Kurves is a trembling and addictive multiplayer game in which only 1 player can survive. Grab your chance to be one of the aliens and show your friends who’s the boss on the flat planet!

Once upon a time, scientist discovered a very, very odd planet. The planet was odd, not only because it was flat, but also because it was inhabited by strange snakelike aliens. Since the planet was tiny, space was limited. And since space was limited, space was expensive. And since space was expensive, the aliens were killing each other in order to get some space. And since they were killing each other, … where am I going with this?


In Kurves, you get the chance to be one of them and you’ll have to fight to survive! Kurves is a trembling and blinking interpretation of the classic “Achtung die Kurve!”, “Zatacka”, “Zakutry” or “Cervi” game originally made for DOS in 1993. Up to four players can join the battlegrounds and settle who will be the almighty ruler of the planet! Turn left and right, dodge your enemies and block other aliens paths to free yourself some space! Race to be the first on a spot that might give you the victory! Stay clear of the abyss, or suffer a painful death in the silent depths of outer space…

POWER-UPS (only for the FULL VERSION, find it in the Play Store!)

Ever imagined to possess superpowers? Grab the coins to improve your alien and let your opponents pray for mercy!

» Golden coin «
Gain extra points! You will receive a bonus depending on the amount of players that started the game.

» Invincible «
INVINCIBILITY! The mightiest of power-ups! You will be able to pass through other snakes without dying, allowing you to obtain the higher ground.

» Cloak «
Put on your invisibility-cloak, and activate stealth-mode! Your alien will be nearly invisible: a real trap for the other aliens.

» Cutoff «
Clear some space on the planet by cutting off the tails of the aliens! When crossing another player, the backside will vanish into space dust.

» Bomb «
Warning! This will eliminate your own alien! However, you will receive 1 point for being a hero and sacrificing yourself. And of course, extra points for every other player you drag with you in their death.

» Random «
The random power-up will give you one of the 4 forces, or it might be a boobytrap! When the bomb goes off, it will eliminate you, but also the others around you. You will get points for these aliens!


Kurves is played best on a tablet. It will run without problems on smaller devices, but please be aware that this might affect the gaming experience. We also suggest you to report your ideas, suggestions, wishes, desires, crashes and bugs via e-mail to instead of posting them in the comments. We will be able to solve your bugs faster this way.

* There is also a paid version of Kurves available in the Play Store. The full version is completely ad-free and includes power-ups!


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