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Originally Posted by ajdroidx View Post
I hear ya...

After doing some actual work (other then web browsing) on the MBP, I am starting to think more and more about keeping up with windows. The photos I got from my MBP and pro wide format printer, well, looked great, the images printed up almost to what was on my screen. Which is great. I managed to totally cut out photoshop on the images.

The work flow (I am still new at editing photos on a mac) went:

import images (found a neat trick to select them). Load up digital photo pro (needs an update), do some minor tweaks, minor white balance on them. Since I shot bracketed exposures, I just copied the white balance to the clipboard then pasted them to the other two images in the set.

Convert them to 16bit tiffs (HUGE!) then load up HDR soft photomatix, select the image, let it do its things. Use a pre select template, then tweak to taste. Save the HDR to tiff (HUGE!), make a copy in preview, then load the copy up in DPP again, resize it for web.

I am sure I can take some shortcuts here, I think I can load the raw files directly up in the HDR software.

I am going to give lightroom a try since I have the disc laying around. I have not really used it. and iPhoto don't seem like it does anything?

I love photoshop, but I need an upgrade CS3 but if lightroom does what I need (photomatix works as a LR plugin) I may just skip over CS6 for mac.

Really people, macs are not bad computers.

For my windows needs, The MBP will run a virtual machine, though it slows things down a hair.
Lol. I never said Macs were bad computers. I own a Macbook Pro and love the crap out of my screen, portability, backlit keyboard, and battery life! But you can cram more editing hardware for less money into a desktop, that's why I prefer to get Adobe CS for my desktop, plus native 64 bit and native GPU acceleration were both available first for Windows on CS4, and NOT available for Mac due to Apple "being Apple" as usual.

Anyways, my Macbook Pro doesn't have a screaming nVidia graphics card and 24GB of RAM in it, which Photoshop takes full advantage of (CS4 and beyond). Therefore, I do my editing on that. Plus it has a much larger monitor - 24 inches, and not this sissy 1080p stuff, full 1920x1200.

I would LOVE a new 27" display someday to edit on, but, I choose feed my children instead.
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