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Originally Posted by SUroot View Post
If I google and download a .deb package, sure it piss easy to install. I double click it and software centre opens and acts like windows' install shield. Its the same user experience as installing an .exe or a .msi... sure.

However, not everything comes as a .deb does it? If it did, we wouldn't be discussing this as there would be nothing in it.
Well, most apps certainly do, whether you use a GUI or CLI to download and install them.

Originally Posted by SUroot View Post
The fact is you may need to uncompressed things, manually make directories as root, chmod, chown stuff using terminals, run shell scripts, add repositories etc etc. I would go on but you've got my point by now. Hell, vmware made up its own extension .bundle
Adding repositories is usually basically pasting a line of code and giving your password. If you arent an admin you shouldnt be installing potentially malicious software. With regards to changing things properties etc, these arent normal apps are they? I'm not to sure what kind of stuff you mean.
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