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Originally Posted by pjfan9110 View Post
I also told the guy that my fiance and i would both be getting the phone, one with an upgrade and one at full retail price. He was like, why would you buy that phone at retail price? I told him i still had my unlimited data plan, and i didn't want to lose it. I only use about 3 gigs a month, and he was like, that would be stupid to buy the phone at full retail price. So, I kindly told him that we only had one upgrade available on our plan. He also told me if I wanted to preorder that I'd have to do it online. Not a very good experience at VZW.
Are you on a Family Share plan? Are you maxed out at 5 lines? If the answers are yes and no, you could add a line to your plan to get the phone for $299. Then after midnight you can switch it over to your line and put a dummy phone on the new line you added and then just pay the $10 a month for it. And you keep your unlimited data. Many people do this. So you end up paying $240 over 2 years as opposed to $700 up front.
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