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well, im just working on the regular splash. im not gonna try to touch the recovery's splash. you dont need to kno about partitioning to play with this. all you need is to download dsixda's android kitcken, load your rom into the kitchen and make a working folder with it, find the option for the boot extraction tools, and use the "w" option to decompile. go to "boot-extracted" folder and look for initlogo.rle. this is our splash file. after replacing the initlogo.rle, go back into kitchen and rebuild using "b" option. exit out of boot tools with "x", and create your new rom zip with option 99. new rom will be in output-zip folder. the new splash should flash with the rom. im not sure on how to make a flashable zip to replace only the splash without flashing the rom, but im sure its easy. ive seen pleanty of tools for that in my research. my problem is that the image comes out distorted everytime i flash! i know its just some sort of setting to do with creating the custom initlogo.rle, i just havent figured out which imaging setting is causing it. im still researching and trying tho! trial and error. i actually had problems with images scrambling the same exact way when i tried to use ANY screenshot app on the venture. the images came out distorted in the same way every time! the only way i got successful screenshots was to hook up to my pc and use sdk tools for a screenshot. im sure ill find out what im doing wrong, or ill find some sort of workaround for the splash, its just a matter of when. if anyone out there is knowledgable on this error, please help, as i can not find any specific info on this problem.
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