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Originally Posted by wyndslash View Post
my non-american perspective on that would be that there may be more Japanese consumers willing to pay more for Japanese-made, quality products.
Compared to what nation(s)? How much more do the made-for-Japan products cost compared to the same models made outside of Japan for export to markets other than Japan? If you're saying that there is no nationalist favoritism in Japan, how do you reconcile that with Morita's book? What about The China That Can Say No: Political and Emotional Choices in the post Cold-War era?

Here in the US we're willing to pay $70,000 (for ENG-style) to $250,000+ for Japanese made video cameras (not including lenses and other ancillary equipment like tripods/pedestals), and expect the very best quality for those prices. Because the US never had nationalized television, there are a lot more TV stations and therefore broadcast quality cameras (and other products from Japan) than in any other country that I know of.

The last time I checked, the US was the largest market for costly "high end" audio and A/V equipment for home use. Has this changed? I'm not as involved in this area as I used to be.

Other consumers in other parts of the world just want high-quality yet cheap products. No such thing.
Why not?

I used to be an avid reader of Sam Tellig's "Audio Cheapskate" column in Stereophile magazine, and managed to get some very good value. In the video department, the "prosumer" class of equipment give amazing value. Some have been used to make broadcast quality TV programs and even cinematic work.
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