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Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
True, I was actually referring (likely incorrectly) to the hierarchy of the files... / /etc /opt /var /home et. al.

I tend to stick with ext3 for the most part.
Oh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

In reference to your context I've seen Windows change the names and locations of system file directories, user directories and even normally hidden system directories. I've seen .ini files replaced by a Registry database. These are very big changes!

OTOH Linux and other operating systems are far more consistent about where they keep things. The biggest change I've seen in the directory structure of systems that use the UNIX paradigm is moving the user home directories out of the /usr directory.

It looks to me like the UNIX paradigm is something that only needs to be learned once, while Windows is a constantly convolving product. And I'm not saying that just because I used UNIX before Windows and Linux later on.
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