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Originally Posted by j4g3d View Post
Hi guys,

So i have a s2, The fault is sometimes it will charge ok other times when you unplug the charger it will carry on charging. It was on gingerbread.

Now i installed stock ICS on it and it does the above still BUT i always get a message - charging paused - voltage too high.

So i done heaps of research on this very forum and found different things to try, Below is a list of all the things ive tried so far........
1. software flash (original)
2. clean charging port and battery pins
3. Move the pin in the charging port away from the sides
4. Replace the charging port board completely
5. calibrate battery (by app and manually)
6. Tried rooting the s2
7. Installed VK ROM (23.06.12)


All the below mentioned tricks like cleaning the port, falshing software, rooting. will not help at all.

The real problem is that the charging circuit got "SHORT CIRCUIT", That means if u still keep on running the Phone i might probably go "DEAD". The reason behind it is "Exposure of the equipment to moisture" especially the "CHARGING PORT".

Solution :

1) If u want to continue wid the phone go to the Samsung Aurthorised Service Centre and get the Charging Port or in worst case get Charging PCB (PCB is the Printed Circuit Board over which the entire charging cuircuit including the charging port, power IC and other required items are fixed) change as applicable to your particular case. In Delhi (India) it will cost RS850(CHARGING PORT) to RS4000(ENTIRE PCB EXPECTED COST) .

2)If u don't want to continue... Sell IT. If possible with the problem..

"I feel samsung mobiles are full of troubles and poor quality. There are so many models of a single phone and the samsung regularly launces new models into the market very frequently and that also without proper testing and quality checks & that is the reason because of which we all are facing so much trouble with particulary samsung phones (from samsung low range phones to high range phones).

Jus to support wat i said above: When I went to samsung mobile service center at Ghaziabad at 11:00AM my wating number was 150. can u imagine tat, the store opened at 9:30 AM. The guard told me there was a Que even before the store could open. !! GOD SAVE SAMSUNG USERS!!
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