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Originally Posted by PacificaBren View Post
Tried again just now and this is what I got:

Ping: 1024 ms
Download: 373 kbps
Upload: 867 kbps

T-mobile's coverage map does not distinguish between 3G and 4G, but it does claim coverage for my neighborhood should be "excellent." I suppose I'll try Speedtest some more when I'm in other areas, but as I said, I'm perfectly content with this thing's speed on the Internet.
One thing you might check, when you do your speed test, what does the little connection icon at the top of the phone screen say, "3G" or "4G". I'm wondering if your area doesn't have HSPA+ and you are limited to a 3G connection where you are? As you mentioned, the coverage map doesn't distinguish between areas with 3G and areas with 4G. OTOH, it is odd that your download speeds are slower than your upload speeds; it is usually the other way and can be a sign that you have some type of connection issue.

In any case, all that matters is that you are happy with your data speeds. I've been happy with T-Mobile; though I do sometimes get frustrated because my phone won't do things as quickly as my home Internet connection.
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