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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
Toothless Guarantees: Lowe's has a 20 minute guarantee for their online click and pull service. Your order is guaranteed to be ready 20 minutes after you order, on all eligible items. I ordered at 12 noon, but didn't go until 5:30pm to pick it up. I then proceeded to wait until 6pm, and STILL no sign of my order being brought to the front. I ended up leaving and coming back the next day to get it, cause I had to be somewhere at 6. But I asked the manager what I got for them not meeting their guarantee. Nothing.
This sounds like one of those times I will leave very angry and descriptive comments on review sites for stores. I am careful not to sound to "ranty" (forgive me) and I have gotten owners and managers calling me because of them. I also will call a manager and ask for the regional managers number to complain to when a manager isn't doing their job.

On that note, i think it is just as important to leave the positive comments online and to bosses too. Maybe even more important. Psychologists tent to think positive reinforcement actually works, where negative (complaints) don't work at changing behavior.

Venting to a boss or online does feel good though, and sometimes does get the short-term resolution if done well
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