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He never did. Since 2008, the only thing the republicans "focused" on was to "get that guy out of the whitehouse". That's it. No qualifying candidates whatsoever. No real answer to any questions butbthe political run-around response. They pÔssed off practically every group they tried to impress to get a vote. And for some reason they let the bi-polar "rants" of Dum Trump and The Noot Boys be their primary "mouthpiece". I wonder if theyve finally realized DumpTrump was blowing his trumpet from the other end all that time.

If the republicans learn anything fromnthe last two elections is this: We live in the present and a lot of decades removed from a once dominated mindset. If they want the majority of Americans to believe and trust in their ideals, they need to catch up with the times and take off the Country Klub Blazier and mingle with the rest of "America"
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