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Originally Posted by TheAtheistReverend View Post
So, I'm just wondering what y'all are planning to do in preparation for the end of the world/the rapture coming up on 12.21.12

I would also like to apologize to those of you that didn't know this was coming. You better start getting yer $*** in order.

Unless of course, you're a heathen like me. Then we get to stick around and take care of all the believers pets after they go.
I thought the world isn't going to end for another 5 billion years when our will become a red giant star and engulf the earth.

Originally Posted by Hrethgir View Post
I have an appointemnt to get my hair cut that day. I don't get why anyone is freaked out about this, it's just dumb. Stupid media, rustling the jimmies of ignorant idiots for ratings! Anyways, the Mayan calander didn't take Leap Days into account (those were added much later by the Romans), so the date the Mayan calader ends has already come and gone about 6-9 months ago because of all those extra days that have been added. Surprise surprise, the world didn't end and we're all still here!
Actually, I have a dental appointment that day.
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