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Originally Posted by simonsimons34 View Post
The mindset has not at all changed. Only who makes up the minorities. If you look at census reports, you clearly see over time the minorities who always vote Democrat, which you should vote for morals not the party, have significantly increased
Simon I am sorry, I meant to say You Are Correct:

The mindset has not changed. The republican mindset jas been and still for "the country club" .. Those days are over and done. Yes the dems may have increased. Some of which may have been born into and raised "republican" That is the "need to change" I am speaking of. Not one issue that were addraddressed this election , did the rspublicans straightfordly provide a "today's world solution".

Their holding onto oldworld "mindset" costed them two presidential terms (and if they throw another trumpstunt and back up his "malarky", it simply makes the party look bad and puts a bad taste on voters mouths.

The party need to "prove" to me that they have lowly me interests as their "primsary concern"... Allowing Rick Perry in there, only pushed me awag another 8years.
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