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Originally Posted by Ingenieur7 View Post
Samsung Galaxy S3. Better and bigger Super AMOLED screen, better camera options (burst shot mode and HDR), NFC and buttery smooth with no lag.

You'll love the SGS3's Super AMOLED screen because it has the best contrast ratios out of all smartphones. The black levels are amazing and the colors are pleasurable to look at.

The iPhone 5 is loaded with so many bugs and lag. Apple stuffed up with iOS 6 which basically makes Apple maps and navigation buggy and unusable. The locations given by Apple maps are inaccurate.

The camera of the iPhone 5 also has many issues like the purple tinge problem.
I don't mean to play devils advocate because I'm going from an iPhone 4 to a SG Note 2 myself (sometime soon I hope) but the screen display quality of the GS3 is the reason I'm not getting it. The pentile screen uses a RGBG pixel color configuration that gives the whites a bluish tint, or green tint in some tests. IPS screens are more color accurate while the super AMOLED screens tend to over saturate colors badly. Outside of this, I'd pick an GS3 over an iPhone any day, but if screen display is of any importance, the newer IPS displays (nexus 4, HTC one X) smoke the GS3's display.

I do realize that the note 2 I'm getting does have a super AMOLED display, but it has been improved to a more natural RGB pixel display, mostly eliminating the bluish/greenish tint to the whites and gives better color accuracy, and size be damned if the screen has improved that much.
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