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Originally Posted by Osensnolf View Post
People say how they feel and I have to believe that is how he really feels.

Here's what I do not understand... Verizon said it would ship by the 27th. And those who pre-ordered basically said, "That is OK and sounds good to me." Now that rumors are that it may hit early (which it may or may not), some are upset that they may not get their phone until the 29th... the original date.

I'm not going to waste my time on it as I hope to see many of my fellow AA members with a Vermilion GN2 tomorrow.
You're entitled to your opinion, which was wrong in this case lol.

The "original date" was never really original. We preordered this phone with no mention of release date originally.

What I would be upset with is people getting their preorders canceled or a delay in receiving their phones and people in store getting it day one, hour one. That pretty much invalidates the purpose of a preorder. No one said anything about getting it early
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