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Originally Posted by alextop30 View Post
I think I know what may be the problem!!!! I have had this problem when a picture was sent to me from the pesky iphone. I am unable to view the picture but there is a download button and guess what when I press it nothing happens.

Go ahead and do the following test - if you have a family member around you or friend that has a phone other than the apple fruit product snap a pic and send it to your self as an MMS (that should be the way people are sending it) except the iphone has some weird stuff it does with pics and the mms function really does not work.

After you receive the text there should be a thumbnail of the picture in the messaging app window (that is assuming you are using the default app). Click on the thumbnail and see if you can open the full picture. They are pretty low quality and you should see the pic but also be able to count the pixels on it.

Hope this helps - I know mms works because me and a buddy of mine that got a windows phone exchange memes all the time. :-)

Thanks, but two of my friends have the same phone as me, on the same carrier, and I'm not able to see the pics they send me. So it's got to be something else.
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