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Originally Posted by striker325 View Post
Yes this is correct. Make sure if you purchase a case that it is for the sprint "samsung galaxy s2 epic touch 4g"

"D710" is a fairly good filter

Here's some pictures of the one I'm using; Easy to hang onto (raised gripping surfaces); The plastic inner shell is about 1/8" thick on each side and is covered by a second layer of rubber. Fairly easy to install and take off. The rubber layer is quite thick and the inner layer would probably survive being dropped on a hard surface.
Excellent protection at the cost of nearly doubling the thickness and weight of your phone.
The upside is, it's engineered well, when many covers are not. It's obvious, it was made to fit this phone (check out the beveled ports). Fairly good water protection too with the ear jack, USB port and buttons covered. I found the pull-out stand handy for navigation in the auto.

I now lay the phone face down, where I can pick it up with my left hand and it's ready to go (no shuffling to orientate the phone in my hand is required).

Lot's of these on eBay for under $10

Note: The opening on the top left side is for a wrist-strap; You have to remove the rear cover and thread the loop over the tip of the point to install.

(Camera is shown with Holo Launcher)

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