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You know, I'm about three weeks into using my first android smartphone (former iPhone 3GS user). The paradigm that I see is this...computers and software, in general, very seldom hit that sweet spot between function and usability. The iPhone gets pretty close, but what I've found is that the iPhone suffers from that dumbed down, super simplified and uncustomizable UI. Truth be IS kind of dull and boring; but it DOES work.
Not to be like that, but for someone like my wife, the office secretary, or that other guy in the office who is always trying to open a Word document in Excel and wonders why it doesn't look right...the iPhone is PERFECT for them. Sad to say, they aren't READY for anything more than that. I've observed that THIS is the same crowd who are incapable or just plain old not interested in understanding what an actual operating system is, much less understand the term "File System" or "files on the File System"(which is the BEST feature of Android IMO...actually having file system access)

Android is for people who want usability and functionality...but they want freedom too. (and a bigger screen LOL)
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