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Originally Posted by Harplayr View Post
Scum because they choose to market another more exclusive device first???

Do they highlight a product that is an exclusive only to them...or market a product that every other company sells? It's just smart business practice and I don't fault them for their release schedule.

I'm just happy the picked up the N2 after passing on the N1. I don't mind waiting the extra couple of weeks and I'm glad they they honored their promise to ship on time.
Originally Posted by ogwilson View Post
They haven't even issued the press release like they normally do on the Tuesday before a phone launches. It seems like they're hoping this launch goes bad so they can say to Samsung "your phone didn't do that well, so the next time you launch a flagship we're doing it our way." Remember, this is the same carrier that didn't even want the Samsung Galaxy S2, and we know that was because everyone else had it. And now they're imposing their will on Samsung with all the unnecessary branding with the Note 2. It's just Verizon's MO because they're the big bad carrier on the block with the most money and customers, and everything has to go their way. Oh well, I'll have my device in a couple of days and won't care a bit!
harplayr they're probably going to do what ogwilson just said, put zero effort into it so that they can throw their weight around in the future, more than they already do I'm sure. Us consumers don't benefit from it so I don't see why you'd blame me for not liking it, as a consumer. IMO they should've released the Note 2 ASAP so that demand died down before the DNA was released then they would've had 2 successful releases instead of 1, but now they'll have a few people get the DNA and the Verizon customers who've been waiting will get the Note 2, though I'm sure with a bunch of bloatware etc. I look out for the consumer because that's what we are. "Smart Business Practices" don't concern me because Verizon's bottom line does not concern me.

Also like dude said I have a choice, and I choose not to support those business practices.
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