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Originally Posted by AFAngryWarrior View Post
Just to calm some nerves I thought I'd post. I'm a VZW employee who also pre-ordered the Note 2. When I check my order status through the website it say's "Your order is currently being processed......" which I'm sure a lot of you also see. HOWEVER, when I check the internal order system with my pre-order confirmation it shows me it's shipped today. It seems that the orders status system just hasn't caught up with the shipments. So you can rest assured that even if it says processing as long as you pre-ordered it will ship today. I did the pre-order yesterday and its shipped. You just may not get your shipping confirmation until later tonight. I agree that it wasn't executed as well as pre-orders in the past. Usually those that pre-order get the phones before they are available in the retail outlets. Thats what makes it worth pre-ordering. This time however it seems they will arrive in stores on the 29th which is the day we'll receive our pre-orders. So this time the only benefit on pre-ordering is ensuring you get one and not having to go to a store. The downside is you could go to the store at 9am on the 29th and get it quicker than FEDEX will probably get to you.

PS - For the person that asked about keeping the Unlimited Data Plan. There are no 4G unlimited plans. Regardless of whether or not you purchase at Full Retail you would have to go a 4G data plan of which there are 3 for Nationwide Plans and various choices for Share Everything.

I have a RAZR maxx right now with unlimited data 4G. Upgraded before the nationwide plans were available.
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