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Default Overview / Comparison / Review of Voice Control apps (Siri for Android)

(CONTINUED FROM ORIGINAL POST ABOVE. Looks like I hit the 50,000 character limit! Do I get a prize? )


- "How many songs do I have"?

Like most other vc apps, it does not answer this.

"What is the capital of norway?"

Gives a response eerily similar to Siri! Similar internal printout with all the stats on norway including a map (pulled from wikipedia), but in wp8 style.

"Spell the (word) "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".",

A. It recognizes and spells the word perfectly, but then shows a wikipedia page with the definition of "super".

"What's the definition of (sundry)",

A. It gave the same answer as Siri: "a haphazard assortment of diffrent kinds". Same response as I believe Omega gave. Wolfram again. Could not understand " tractatus. "

Conclusion: Maluuba was the last tested, but has become my fave of the bunch! Not just because it integrates perfectly with my fake Windows phone, but because although it looks the least like Siri, it works the most like Siri. Love the no-nonsense approach; that it doesn't bore you with fake conversation (that gets old real quick). I even like the effort they put into the promotional video commercial on their Play store page. Plus, afaik, it's free! This is what their page said:

List of features supported in Maluuba International (beta):

- Google Calendar, Reminders, Alarms
- Weather, Navigation, Knowledge, Search
- Call, Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
- Limited support for concerts and events
- Limited support for restaurants and businesses (depending on regions supported by Yelp)

Maluuba helps you schedule appointments, set reminders, check the weather, discover concerts and entertainment events happening, and much more! If you run into any issues with using our app, don't hesitate to send us an email (included right in our settings page)!

Compare our do engine to Apple Siri, Vlingo, Evi, Speaktoit Assistant, Skyvi, Nuance Dragon Go, Iris, Voice Actions, Andy, Sonalight, Jeannie, Gosms, EVA Intern, TiKL.


Well, there's no "Siri" in this bunch, other than Siri herself. I don't know if Google Voice Actions on a newer phone works as well/better. The outstanding pick was Maluuba, for her accuracy, usefulness and presentation. My second favorite overall was probably "Assistant", as it was one of the first to truly start to impress. But some voice control apps are better at some things than others. Vlingo is great at voicing emails and texts and probably in-car. Google Voice Actions is good for quick Google searches, and is probably already on your phone. AIVC is the one to pick if you want to impress your friends with a Siri-look alike. Like Siri, it's especially easy to use and is competent enough to be useful. Though I didn't find Jeannie that endearing, it should be said that she has probably the most varied feature list. e.g. She can do some things that would be hard to find in most other such apps, and is multilingual. And Angie is ok for French speakers, but although her results were sometimes spot on, I don't see any reason to keep her otherwise, in the face of this kind of competition.


I found all these apps more alike than different. I read the newer Google Voice Actions on the newer phones betters Siri. But I am doubtful. They all seem to use the same sources for information anyway; ie. Google, Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia. Siri's speech recognition engine is hard to beat since it's already very good. And none today will give perfect results.

It's normally said as a "plus" if the app will speak its results. But unless you're using it in a car, or are blind, I don't see that as a plus. It just means longer, more tiring interactions with the app, when you just need to get things done asap. And if you are using it in a car, you're going to have to look at and poke the screen at certain points anyway. And if you're blind, what are you doing using a touch screen phone in the first place?

(**n.b. For all of these apps, you need an internet connection. I've yet to find a 3rd party voice control app for Android that did not require one).
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