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Originally Posted by JunBringer View Post
harplayr they're probably going to do what ogwilson just said, put zero effort into it so that they can throw their weight around in the future, more than they already do I'm sure. Us consumers don't benefit from it so I don't see why you'd blame me for not liking it, as a consumer. IMO they should've released the Note 2 ASAP so that demand died down before the DNA was released then they would've had 2 successful releases instead of 1, but now they'll have a few people get the DNA and the Verizon customers who've been waiting will get the Note 2, though I'm sure with a bunch of bloatware etc. I look out for the consumer because that's what we are. "Smart Business Practices" don't concern me because Verizon's bottom line does not concern me.

Also like dude said I have a choice, and I choose not to support those business practices.
If you dropped Verizon and took your business hat's off to you. You put your money where your mouth is. Your profile says AT&T so I assume that this is the case.

For myself, Verizon is clearly the best company in my area for reliable reception, and they have a great selection of phones. I happily suport their business model and hope that their competition will take note that they will have to work MUCH harder to match or exceed Verizon's performance before gaining my business.
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