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Where can I find a discussion IN NORMAL ENGLISH about some ROMs for rooted phones?

I understand what rooting does, why it does it, but I will be damned if I understand the jargon that devs and rooters use to describe things. The place I truly get lost is with radios. I've rooted both my phones.

I rooted since I am a social rebel. The more I get pushed to do things the normal way, the more I push back. If I read reviews of ROMS - all I see is glowing fanboys.
Looking at JB - everyone is drooling over Google Now. There's nothing in Google Now I would ever use.

I can't seem to find how JB actually does with speed of opening apps if apps have large databases with images, nor how it does with battery life.

I'm not exactly happy with a lot of the stuff that CM10 put in the ROM, so I'd like to look at some other ROMS but can't find anything on searching or in other groups. XDA is no help. They are good, but they have the bad habit of using phone shorthand which I find hard to understand.*

I'll be looking to replace the Nexus S. I bought it used and I like it. I just happen to have my own uses which don't seem to coincide with what most normal people do.

Where do I start looking?

*With acronyms - we discussed ATM once.
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Automatic Teller Machine
Adobe Type Manager

and so it goes.

All ATM.
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