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Originally Posted by Fred G. Vader View Post
As stated earlier, up until today I was getting great battery life out of my S3. But just about 30 minutes ago (a little after 11 AM) I noticed that my battery level was already at 69% and I watched it drop to 65% over about a 15 minute span. Normally I'm only at 80% or so by this time of day so I knew something was amiss. Went into Settings --> Battery and sure enough Cell Stand-by was using up more of the battery than the Screen.

I noticed in the status bar the GPS active signal was displaying and I knew that I had turned off my GPS radio once I got to work (using the settings toolbar in the notification window). So I went into Settings --> Location Services and sure enough "Use VZW Services" and "Use Google Services" were both checked. How they got checked is beyond me cause I didn't do it.

Even with all GPS related things turned off the GPS target is still displaying in the status bar (just the GPS inactive target icon though not the active one). Gonna watch it for rest of evening and see if the battery stops draining so quickly with all GPS stuff turned off now.
So after my factory reset i did a day with no apps what so ever and had excellent battery life (30% for 17 hours). Today i still have it stock standard but it has been worse today though better than before i reset my phone. 50% 7 hr 45 mins. But again cell standby 45%, screen 17%, android os 16% etc etc. I understand by cell phone isn't doing anything so this should be the highest consumption, but really my phone isn't doing anything and has ate 50% of my battery life. Does not seem very good at all to me.

Originally Posted by Fred G. Vader View Post
I also just found this thread which discusses the same cell stand-by battery drain issue.

S3 Battery Drain Thread - 1) False Cell Standby report 2) Standby Drain
Even though it is a false reading i don't think it is false that you battery is low? If this was fixed would my battery be e.g. 70% rather than 30%? Or is my battery still draining but the false reading would just be a less %?
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