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Originally Posted by raiderleaf View Post
Okay so here is the scoop:

I just got off the phone with Daniel Ayala from Verizon Wireless who is a customer service support manager. He put me on hold for 15 minutes to review this with upper management to find out the story. Here are the results:
  • Current Unlimited Data customers WHO USE THE BUILT IN HOT-SPOT CAPABILITY will be charged $30/mo for their tethering service. Customers who are on a restricted data package (with GB limits) can tether for free using this capability but are susceptible to overage charges if they exceed their GB limit.
  • For Unlimited Data Package Customers, the $30/mo tethering charge can be AVOIDED ENTIRELY if you use a 3rd Party application to tether (NOT THE BUILT-IN HOTSPOT CAPABILITY). Daniel gave SPECIFIC instruction that users with unlimited data packages can go to the Google Play Store (Used it by name) and download a 3rd party app to tether. This way, it shows up that unlimited data shows as being used through a 3rd party app instead of a 1st party provided service which still falls within the Verizon guidelines. The call was recorded and I can reference it anytime in the future should Verizon try to floor me on my bill if I do it this way.

With that said, does anyone know of any good 3rd party tethering apps that are compatible with the new Jelly Bean on the GN2?
The best setup on any device you can get the BL unlocked is a custom ROM, OTHER than the Note 2 due to all the S-Pen related stuffs I guess. It is possible that VZW's WiFi tether stuff will be bypassable on the Note 2 I suppose with a custom ROM. It that happens you will be able to use Androids built in WiFi tether functionality that is normally tied to VZW's billing app with the ROM builder just killing VZW's stuff and putting in a standard toggle for it.

I hope there are versions of stock android out soon that have S-Pen variety features, but I figure a Wacom and Pen toting Nexus of some sort would have to happen first for that to materialize.

As far as other tether apps I wouldn't hold your breath to have one that works right out of the gate. Some stuff has changed somehow in the latest Samsung Galaxy devices or TouchWiz itself and a lot of the WiFi tether apps aren't working yet generally on them, root or not.

BTW, the reason all of this is possible is because of the C-Block rules. They can charge you for supported tethering and their app to do it, but can't stop you from doing it yourself with what you pay in the first place. Which is how tethering was in the early days. It was free, UNLESS you wanted the Network operator to help you get it working.
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