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Originally Posted by syntrix View Post
Basically buy from Verizon "corp" stores, and you can swap at any corp store in the 14 day, or get a CLN swap through their 800 number later if they so deem it necessary.

If I bought a printer at Staples, why would Best Buy allow me to return it?

Back on topic, I hope more people get them tonight, but tomorrow this forum should be very active!
One thing I found a tad deceptive was the signage on that Verizon mall kiosk. It had a huge Verizon sign and logo with tiny print saying that it was an authorized Verizon dealer. All the branding was the same as the official Verizon Corporate stores. I think that most people would think (like I did) that it WAS and actual Verizon Corporate store and not a 3rd party outlet.

The forum will either be very active or dead.
I'll be active until FedEx arrives...after that I'll be too busy playing with my new toy to bother with posting
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