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Originally Posted by AustinTech View Post
I don't think anyone has complained that Samsung puts their name on the device, you know, since they made it. Verizon didn't. And they put their branding all over the thing. How would you feel if Logitech put a giant LOGITECH logo on your keyboard's Return button? Ugly huh...

The Verizon button thing bothers people because it's another step in the direction of advertising saturation. People are sensitive because in all aspects of 1st World lifestyle, it's getting to be too much.

Or we could just ignore it, not complain, and when everything we own looks like a NASCAR racecar, just live with it...
If Logitech did that it wouldn't bother me at all. As it stands my "return" key is labled "enter" yet somehow I can still type on it just fine.

For those of you that want to whine about a tiny logo on a small button that most won't even notice, you have other choices.

After you get your "ugly" phone, show it to some firends. I'm willing to bet that they'll ooohhh and aaaahhh over the beautiful screen and smooth operation rather than recoil in horror over that tiny logo on the home button.
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