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Originally Posted by nicosalto View Post
Hi everyone,

I am about to buy a Nexus 10 to go in vacation.
I'll take a lot of picture over there with a dslr, and i dont want to carry a laptop.
Do anyone know if its possible to plug a card reader onto a nexus 10 and read/transfert the pictures out of it ?
Also is it possible to transfer files from the card reader to an external hard drive on the nexus 10?

Welcome to AndroidForums, nicosalto!

I can't speak for the Nexus 10 but on my rooted Nexus 7, I can mount usb devices on the tablet and access their contents. The cables to do so cost about $1 on Amazon and you need a free app, StickMount, along with rooting the device. Is the 10 similar to the 7 in that capacity? I don't know much about the Nexus 10 so I'd hate to guess and have you feel ripped off.

Good luck!

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