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Originally Posted by JE78 View Post
This is my point, you have setup the phone to conserve battery. One of the huge downfalls of most android phones, there is so much android is capable of but you have to limit it because of the small batteries and large screens of most phone. The HD MAXX I'm not conserving anything. I'm running it wide open and don't worry about battery life.

The GS3 is a nice phone, great camera, nice screen but with a small battery. I have two friends that have the phone and its always being charged and I know they don't use it the same.

Its a matter of preference. Have a phone with a bigger screen, a nice camera and smaller battery get the GS3. If you want a phone with minimal smaller screen, decent camera but battery life where you actually use the phone to its capabilities and not have to set it up to conserve battery, get a HD MAXX.

Small battery? The only ones with a larger battery than it does is the Razr Maxx, Maxx HD and Galaxy Notes 1 and 2. That being said, its got the 5th biggest battery in the Android world as far as I know. That means its gonna last longer than any other Android phone apart from those mentioned on stock settings.

As for setting up an AMOLED screen to conserve battery, its as simple as using a theme that's predominantly black. This is because an AMOLED pixel that is showing black will not be using any power at all. No actual "conservations" needed that impairs your usage.

EDIT: When I said proper setting up, I meant the screen alone. Talking in general about AMOLED screens, they tend to save up to 30% more power than a regular LCD screen because of what they are. AMOLED screens have darker areas using less power because most of the pixels there are turned off, while LCD screens have the entire screen using energy, plus powering backlights.
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