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Originally Posted by JE78 View Post
This is my point, you have setup the phone to conserve battery. One of the huge downfalls of most android phones, there is so much android is capable of but you have to limit it because of the small batteries and large screens of most phone. The HD MAXX I'm not conserving anything. I'm running it wide open and don't worry about battery life.

The GS3 is a nice phone, great camera, nice screen but with a small battery. I have two friends that have the phone and its always being charged and I know they don't use it the same.

Its a matter of preference. Have a phone with a bigger screen, a nice camera and smaller battery get the GS3. If you want a phone with minimal smaller screen, decent camera but battery life where you actually use the phone to its capabilities and not have to set it up to conserve battery, get a HD MAXX.
This has not been my experience at all. I switched to the Razr Maxx HD from an S3 and while it's true that the Maxx HD offers much better battery life, the S3 always lasted me through an entire day without having to do anything to conserve battery life.

I don't consider myself a power user but I'm no slouch either. I typically use about 3 hours screen time daily watching high bit-rate encoded videos, playing games like Granny Smith, syncing gmail, facebook and corporate email. I'm also on 4G the majority of the day. Not once in the four months I had the S3 did my battery die before the end of the day.

To me, the Maxx HD's battery life is more of a luxury. It's a good luxury, but a luxury nonetheless. I never felt crippled by the S3's battery. The reason I got the Maxx HD was because the S3's signal strength was horrible at my apartment and I didn't care for the build quality. If I didn't have those two issues, I'd still have the phone.
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