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Originally Posted by merrill77 View Post
Apparently that's what I'll need to do.

I don't understand what you mean - the GN2 is different in every dimension from every other phone made, AFAIK. My Droid fit in it's car dock and desk stand perfectly. The car dock was incredibly secure and effortless to remove. If it had charging built-in, it would have been perfection. The Droid literally drops into the desktop dock with absolutely no effort (with built-in charging) and to remove it, you simply pick it up and go. I've seen other phones in universal docks... If you haven't had something that fit as well as the Droid with it's docks, then you wouldn't understand. Everything I've seen thus far is a step down.

But I'll see what I can find.
I was talking about compared to other G Note 2 devices. Other carriers and retailers have had vehicle and desk docks available since the phone has been out. Why rely on Verizon when you don't have to? All the Galaxy Note 2 devices on all the different cares are the exact same in build quality so there should be no reason to wait on them. Sorry if my post was a bit unclear.
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