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Hi all

I drove to the next state to get mine tax free NH, I went with gray, I wanted white but they had none and I really liked the grey better now that I saw it up close.

I have 4 people on my account, so the verizon rep did a upgrade transfer (only on the computer) from one number to another (that had 2 gig data) then the sales rep put my siii sim in the note 2 on my unlimited data plan, and put the new sim in the siii, on the 2 gig plan. Everything seems great, just checked and my data is still unlimited

He also told my that I have till jan 13 (or 15th) to return it, due to buying it now, before xmass. I don't know how true that is but if the 32 gig comes out I might take him up on that....

Also none of my apps restored maybe due to I had 32 gig siii and zoom, but good anyway cause this way I don't load every game I had on the 32, more room now and maybe this 16 gig will do, time will tell.

Best of luck to all
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