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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Note III would be awesome with on-screen buttons because it would actually allow people to use the s pen with the soft keys (still don't get why Samsung didn't think about that part of it).
This is an interesting observation. It makes sense based on the technology used to enable the Note's stylus why it does not activate the capacitive hardware buttons. The Note's inductive stylus draws electrical energy from the grid under the screens glass. Other device's and third party generic capacitive stylus' acts as a pass through for our bodies own natural electrical field.

Like you are saying, what doesn't make sense is why Samsung didn't do anything differently to enhance the experience and make it uniformed. Like you mention one way would be to use on screen buttons. Another would be to use a different technology behind the stylus. Or use a different technology behind the ubiquitous hardware keys.

Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
On that same Note (no pun intended), there was no reason to include such a huge home button that is raised. Most folio cases do not have a indentation in the cover for that button. So if one puts the Note in their pants pocket, the button can be pressed and thus turn on the display without you knowing it.
Then again, that happens regardless of folio cover if the pants are tight.

TS out (buying baggy pants)
I'm extremely unfamiliar with Samsung's software and it shows. But I thought for sure they would have had a setting in the configuration to turn off the 'wake phone via home key' feature. For snug pockets and purses it is a no brainer. Samsung should update the settings for this reason alone.
You'd think after the Note, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, plus others, all with hardware home keys they have had ample time to provide it as an option.
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