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Originally Posted by Insanecrane View Post
The merge has pretty much put an end to Metro as a viable,inexpensive prepaid carrier. people can say and dream otherwise, but it's only going to get worse once the Tmo people come in full on and start running things.

Tmo is behind Verizon and AT&T for a reason folks and it's because they will never be able to truly compete with the big boys.

All the Metro customers that think Tmo actually cared about them are going to be in for a shock. This merger was all about Metro's assets, nothing more and nothing less. It was/is a last resort for Tmo to stay alive in the U.S. market.

I wish it were different, but that's the reality and a lot of people are going to get screwed. I'm just glad I chose to move when I did, instead of being sucked into this mess.


I agree. T Mobile wants to harvest Metro. That's it. With all these MVNO's popping up everywhere, Metro PCS is not as great as it used to be. Especially when their LTE speeds are running around 1.3mbps-3.5Mbps. That's jsut pathetic when compared to Straight Talk's HSPA+ that runs around 12-14Mbps. I mean seriously? It's a no brainer.

Plus you can go buy whatever phone you want. Your not limited to what Metro offers. Sure the S3 is great. But when it's paired with a garbage LTE connection, it's pointless and dumb. Like have a porsche with a Honda motor inside of it.

MVNO's are where it's at. Paired with A Nexus, S3, Note etc...... Pffffff. Your on top of the world.
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