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So mine was delivered at 1:58 yesterday and I had to suffer through the rest of the work day. I actually woke up feeling kinda sick but I was aces by day end. Didn't realize that the Mercury case I got is manufactured in NYC, so it was sitting on TOP of the FedEx package at the hotel when I got back. On top of that my 2 coworkers were ready to leave at 4:30 wee!

Tore into everything, was kinda sad to see no earbuds but oh well. On the Titanium Grey model the button branding isn't AS noticeable as on the white ones. Took my SIM out from my Galaxy Nexus, luckily it's the same. (The LTE SIM on the Bionic was different than my galaxy nexus so I had to go to a VZW store the day I got that to get a new SIM, luckily it seems they've settled on this microsim for some time now) All I had to do was slide it in, power it on and I was set up within minutes!

Played around with it a good deal, set about 80 of the most important apps to install (my last phone has 498 AHHHHHH!) and let it do it's thing. Took a quick hour nap and played some more. Had dinner and played some more lol. By 2am battery was down to 17%. I'm doing a light usage day today, unplugged at 7:45 am and 10:41 I'm at 92% That's a VERY good initial sign.

Case fits amazingly, and isn't hard to get off. Everything is so fast and snappy. Haven't really dug TOO much into S-Pen stuff yet but S-Voice is much better than I thought it was for voice dictation and automating actions
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