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Originally Posted by poriggity View Post
So, I was digging through some drawers last night, and found my ancient Iphone. It's an original 2g 8gb iphone. I dropped in a few years ago and shattered the glass. I also managed to lock up the software on it. Well, after some tinkering, I managed to get the apple software reloaded onto the phone, so it is now functioning, but with a broken screen. What would you do with this? I am contemplating finding somewhere on the net that the hard core apple geeks hang out, and seeing if one of them is interested in buying it for nostalgia sake... Heck, I'd even spend the money to fix the screen if I thought it would bring in enough money to cover my fixing cost. What say the AF crew?
This. I've heard that old Apple computers, like those rounded, colored ones from 20 years ago, go for big money.
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