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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I think that all the damn fundraising should have gone to the national debt instead of assaulting our ears with nasty commercials. (both sides)

I really think people might pay attention once or twice, then ignore the ad. That doesn't give any return for the money spent. Some of these ad agencies are deluding themselves.

Some of the PACS were really nasty. And after the comment about the 47% and the apology to supporters about not being able to deal with the opposition's handouts to special groups put paid to any credibility about being for the people in general.

No one ever polled on how many hit the MUTE button?
There should really just be very tight limits on advertising. Likewise, advertising should be informative, if it is on TV or Radio. If there is a scandal the press can publish it themselves as they should, be grand.
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