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Default Wonderful!

I am loving my Note 2. I upgraded from the S3 and gave the S3 to my wife. This thing makes the S3 look tiny.

I was worried it would be too big but after a day with it the only size issue I have with it is it won't fit in the built in holder in my car for a phone (oh well).

S-pen annoying issue is the pen does not work on the back or menu buttons so I have to slide my finger up to hit it. Not a big deal but breaks the flow.

It is very fast and has no lag what so ever. Next to the S3 this is the best phone I have ever used. I would NOT want anything bigger, this is perfect.

The resolution is wonderful. I have found the the Lenovo pen that you would use on the x220 works better than the s-pen. more of a crisper line when writing.

It is a lot thinner than I would have thought. My only concern is if I put a protective case on it, it will be to thick. I wish Samsung changed the way they made flip covers, I tried three on my S3 and they kept peeling apart.

On a side note, I moved my SIM card into the Note 2 and upon starting the Note 2 and registering it pulled all of the apps I was using on the S3 right over onto the Note 2. I was pleasantly surprised.

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