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Originally Posted by Lucidmike View Post
I really liked reading your review. Hearing how you liked the logo on the button made me laugh. The size was a bit hard to swallow when I first got my hands on the device, but I quickly adapted to it. It doesn't look big anymore. It just looks normal.

One funny thing that I've encountered was that I went from a 3.5" screen to a 4.5" screen, and I found a 3.5" screen unusable. But when I went to the 5.5" Note 2, and then I played around with a 3.5" screen, it seemed alright because maybe I wasn't looking at it like a smartphone. I was looking at it as a backup phone that I can make calls with and not much else.
I know it probably sounds crazy to most people who read my post, but I really think the way VZW branded the home button was very tasteful. In fact, I would argue that it looks way better than the crappy branding I had on the bezel of my Droid RAZR.
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