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You can't blame Sony's fall on any one product. Flat out, Sony's been mismanaged for years. From what I understand, the company is made up of a bunch of silo'd divisions that don't work together and fight with each other for corporate dominance. It made Sony as a whole slow to innovate or even keep up with the markets its in. They let the TV business slip through they're hands when they were pathetically late to market with flat screens. Now they're viewed as the choice of ill informed old timers. They let Apple eat their lunch by totally misreading the portable media player market. Somewhere deep inside Sony, they're probably still working on a hd based player to take on the first gen ipod. They are allowing MS, a company almost as slow and bloated as Sony to push them around in the gaming arena. They had a firm foothold in the small camera and video recorder arena, but squandered a lot of sales on proprietary formats that pissed off users. Now those markets are essentially dead. Can't get your own mobile strategy beyond the stillborn stage? Why not buy Ericsson and kill theirs too? Sony spent so much capital getting the public to believe they made better stuff, when the fact is they usually didn't. Eventually, the public caught on. Now they have to compete on a level field where they actually have to be better to garner sales, and they're just not better, usually not even close to average. When the almost inevitable collapse of Sony comes, they will become the subject of study in all business schools on how even the mighty can fall through gross mismanagement, along with other standouts like Pan Am, Saab and Hostess.
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