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Originally Posted by Rizoid View Post
Sorry got mine around noon. Just been busy all day to come in here. Just in case this helps anyone. I was able to add my mom to my family plan and get the GN2 for $300 instead of $700 on her new line. Then transfered phone to my line and I was able to keep my unlimited data and she kept her old phone which I only have to pay $10 a month for now.
I just returned my N2.
I had a long talk with V about switching the unlimited on my wife's razr max with my N2 which became 2gig after upgrading my DX

They said the only way I could do it was to return the phone, order a new one using the upgrade from another line (mother in-law) and activating the phone on my line when it comes. This way both my wife's Razr and my N2 will have unlimited.

Sounds counterproductive to return a perfectly good phone that they will have to sell as a referbished or exchange instead of just switching it up electronically...but in the end it's worth waiting a couple of more days to get my unlimited back.

After playing around with the N2 and seeing how great netflix looks on this phone, I'm sure that I'll need the unlimited!
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