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Originally Posted by chrlswltrs View Post
I have left every cell phone I have ever owned charging at night (granted with old dumb phones sometimes it would go 2-3 days without charging) for the last 11 years. I've never had a problem. Based on my personal experience, I am going to keep doing it.
Same here. For the last 17 years! With a twist though:
I use the express charger for express charging! Duh! I.e. when my battery needs topping up fast, i.e. during waking hours when the level has gone down too fast.
This is rarely the case. Maybe once a month. Possibly because of my (re-)charging regimen:

Overnight I always charge my devices via USB cable on my laptop, i.e. 'trickle charge'. The slower the better. And they are also hooked up via USB cable when in the office for any length of time. Or in the car!

I SMS a lot with the free app MySMS, straight from my laptop or desktop, with a nice big screen and a comfortable fullsize keyboard, when the device is hooked up to it anyway.
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