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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Internal polling reveals why Romney believed he would win | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

AFAIK, there's no law saying you have to even TALK to a pollster. Or tell them the truth.
Results will eventually get skewed if everyone doesn't participate. If we don't, that might put paid to the pollster pests.
Yes, he sure did think he cinched this election. Election day started out like the 1st debate. Then imagine the jaw-dropping when things kicked in resulting just like the second debate: without a doubt and not even a "close" call at all.

Whats this all aboutwith Romney visiting the Whitehouse? Im sorry, no matter how much Romney makes a "presence" as if hes suddenly someone to be trusted and a "friend" of the dems. No, Dont be fooled, hes trying to "build" a new personality so to run again next election. Once a Romney, always a Romney.
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