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Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
This is now a pie thread.
Not far from the truth. This thread is about market share and who will end up with the largest slice of the phone market pie.

Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I just don't like MS, Apple, Google, FB, FX chasing everyone and trying to get us all to commit to one system just for the almighty $.
But it has ALWAYS been this way. You only notice it more because are paying more attention. History is filled with companies that want you to do business with them because they are better than the other people you are thinking of doing business with.

Nothing new at all. the Almighty dollar is why we have what we have. Remove the profit incentives and there will be very little to choose from.

Embrace the dollar because it is mighty important.

And you should commit to one system. There must be one you think is better than all the rest. For me, it is Android and so I am comitted to Android. Not saying you cannot change your mind, mind you.

Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Microsoft Will Crush Google, Apple in Mobile

Where do these people get these ideas? First thing that comes to my mind is that MS phones will be the ones to get virii, keyloggers and whatever else.

Especially if they can access the computer and other devices like Apple does.

Android can get the same - but Android simply cannot access my Ubuntu desktop on its own.
How do you know? No offense, but you suggest the writer is a fool, but, I question some of your assumptions, like "MS phones will be the ones to get virii, keyloggers and whatever else."

Apple is locked down so you can only install crap from iTunes/Apple. You can install software on your Android phone from other places because it is not locked down as tightly as Apple/iOS.

I have not read much about MS phones and problems, and I am not sure about MS and how one installs software. Isn't the thing locked and software must come from their market? Bob is not sure so he asks questions.

I tried searching to see and the first article I found was about how your MS phone calls Microsoft every time you install a program. Not sure if that is true or not true. Perhaps it is true in so far as MS detects changes via WiFi or some such. Not sure the phone phones MS.

I avoid the web or most of it because any idiot can write articles and post them. To answer your question: these idiots get their ideas from other idiots on the web. Some web sites buy copy from copy mills and vendors churning out 500 word articles for less than a dollar per article. So WTF do you expect to read? Well researched pieces or crap? Pick crap and you win.

My rate is now 1.25-2.75 per word.

These self-styled experts are to be ignored. We will know who wins when we see sales figures. Perhaps Blackberry will win or two guys in a garage. Apple migh fail or open its OS to others and we see fewer Android phones and more iOS devices.

All I know is I want to see Apple offer an iPhone running Android. That would be epic because it would drive the haters nut-bar crazy.

Originally Posted by poriggity View Post
That guy can't be serious. I've had windows phones in the past, and played with the current incarnation of the windows mobile OS. IMHO, both of them were clumsy, slow and all around just crappy. With software like that, there is no possible way they will "crush" the competition, as that writer said in his article.
I do not like the OS because I find it a tad homely. I actually tried one of the themes that make your Android phone look like the Windows phone. Something about those little tiles that bothered me.

That said, plenty of people say how crappy the iPhone is and I seem to recall reading somewhere that Apple manages to sell a few phones every week.

Like i said, only time and sales figures will tell. I can't wait to read the annual reports and dig into the numbers.

I am still amazed that the iPhone alone . . . JUST the iPhone outsells everything Microsoft sells, from operating systems to Office packages to dev tools.

One thing I do know is this: we should be thankful for the deep fried turkey and the wealth of technology available today. You can get a pretty good Android phone at the local grocery store.
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