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WOW . . I just discovered that .00001=.99999!

Amazing. Time to hit the college prep math books for a refresher.

Next thing you know, Three Dog Night will be sued for telling us that 'One is the Loneliest Integer' when the Internet will prove with unfailing logic that 4 is actually the loneliest integer.

Originally Posted by DaSchmarotzer View Post
It's really counter intuitive. Before having university classes on that matter, I didn't believe it either. But yeah, I still think that the best way to explain it (without it getting complicated) is this one:

1 = 1
(3/3) = 1
(1/3) + (1/3) + (1/3) = 1
0.3333... + 0.333... + 0.33333... = 1
0.9999... = 1

There's no approximation anywhere in there.
So 1 is exactly equal to .9999? And .9999 is exactly the same as 1? What about .9? What is that equal to?

If I borrow a dollar from you and you really need to be paid back in full, can I settle the debt with 99 cents? Same as a dollar, right? If I brrow three or five or a grand, can I settle the debt in full by paying you just little less than I borrowed? Apparently I can. Will you be my next loan officer?

So, .9999 = 3/3 and 1/3+1/3+1/3=.9999?

And so forth?

Your mistake is in the 4th line: 0.3333... + 0.333... + 0.33333 = .9999 not one which is equal to .999994 x the Internet = Bollocks. Some of us seem to leave up the missing piece of the math. I'll call it B for Bollocks.

Therefore, .9999 (B) = 1

I do know that E-MC Squared is not true. E=MC Hammer and You Can't Touch That, my friend.
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