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I have a galaxy Note 2, Verizon. I have the same issue on any browser I use. Here is the issue.

If I open the INTERNET browser app from jelly bean and go to for the first time three is not an issue. If I then go to any page or just do a search and then either go back to or close the browser and then go back or open another page and go to the issue begins. the page continuously refreshes with no time to enter criteria.

Once this happens I can go through the application manager to ALL and then to the INTERNET app and open those settings then delete DATA and then open the browser and go to the issues seems to have been solved. I go to another site or do another search and it starts over again.

Another note on the INTERNET app, if I could time my tap correctly and click on the classic view as opposed to the mobile the page will then be in classic view and not refresh but that view is counterproductive to use as the display is too small.

I then decided to install another browser and used Dolphin browser and at first the issue was gone. I did not use INTERNET app which came with the OS while testing Dolphin. After a use or two the issue started with Dolphin too. With Dolphin, if i go to and link to anything then go to the continuous repeating refresh of the site stops. If I do a Google search and return to the issue returns.

This is sort of unproductive for Google if you ask me, it forces users of their operating system, android jelly bean, to use another search engine. It is impossible to actually enter any criteria into page to perform a search before it refreshes.

I hope there is a solution for this because I like to use google search but I will use Bing if necessary.
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