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Originally Posted by stanzlavos View Post
I am having the same issue. Looks like the issue where we can copy but not paste.

When we copy, usually a pop-up gets displayed saying that text has been copied to clipboard. That doesn't come anymore. Somehow it seems to be working just within Dolphin browser. So I think that its not the paste that is not wrking, but the copy - nuthing is getting copied into the clipboard !!!

I am on JB btw... So no solution still huh... ???
I'll +1 that as well.

Had my S3 in for repair (hardware) and it had been factory-reset when I got it back, so I though "that's good, I should be able to paste now :-)".

Well, I could, but now less than a week later, the pasting is not working again.

Don't want to root in case phone has to go back for another repair - couldn't have un-rooted before the last repair, as the phone wouldn't power on, so I would have been a bit stuck !!

Come one Samsung, pull your finger out !!
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