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Originally Posted by THE W View Post
everyone is making assumptions about what will happen with the merger. no one really knows anything.

the info that is out there bares out the opposite of metro being gobbled up.
There's no telling whats going to happen. I really wouldn't be surprised if a BYOD option became available through metro. I feel that next year they are going to have to something to stay in line with all the other carriers out there. In my area, I see a ST commercial ever hour at least and I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a Metro commercial. It's not like Metro isn't popular in my area, I mean it's Atlanta. One of the OG areas for Metro. Point is ST is getting whored out like a mofo. They are advertising their asses off. Now that theres an option for a home phone for $15, their name is becoming very well known. Metro will always be a big company, as long as it's still "metro PCS" but with all of these MVNO's getting more recognized and bigger, the playing field is starting to change.

It's going to be interesting to say the least to see what the future holds for us users. As long as there is competition, we are going to receive the benefits of it because prices vs what you actually get for your money will always be good. One of the unfortunate reasons the world needs Apple.
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