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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Dropbox offers a basic 2 gig account for free. They also offer a Pro account starting at ten bucks a month. You can have 100, 200 or 500 gigs with a Dropbox Pro account. Then there is the Dropbox for Teams which gives you a terabyte of storage at about 800.00 per year.
Looks good. At $19.99/mo. for 200GB, the price is right. I could do that and Packrat without worrying that I'm "blowing my budget" on stuff that I want but don't necessarily need.

DB does not own your files or care about your account unless they suspect something is afoot. Like a basic account showing lots of traffic or you decide to setup multiple accounts or violate anything in their EULA/TOS.
Works for me. I'm storing stuff like photos that I took, among other things. I don't want one of those 'social media empire that shall remain nameless' contracts that might have my work being sold with someone else getting the credit, profit and control over who sees what. Not that my personal photos are sale-worthy.

Dropbox does not tolerate piracy and they will immediately shut off access until you prove you are innocent.
That brings up another matter. I record stuff off the air that I'd like to share clips of. I also shoot my own video, but need the occasional ability to pass along news items. YouTube (and Google in general) is no longer suitable for doing this, and I don't want to use my business website to share personal stuff. Anybody know of a better video streaming service?

Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
I think I will.

Perhaps after dinner tonight.

Or tomorrow after coffee.

I am having chicken gumbo and perhaps a few grilled somethings with cheese. Probably pastrami or a nice pile of sausage.
Stop taunting me! I haven't had supper yet and now you're making me hungry!
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