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Originally Posted by porquepine View Post
Ok, I do not know about the rest of you, but I am frankly tired of the "Unidentified" calls and then of course the calls that you do not want to accept, such as old girlfriends etc and they continue to contact you. Most cell phones do not have the option to block a number from contacting you. I would love the ability to block certain numbers, unidentified or anonymous numbers and only take the calls I desire to take!
I think that this is a great idea. Automatic call screening. I've wanted that ability for a long time. Sometimes my phone rings off the hook. Recently I was shopping around to buy a new car and was applying for loans. My phone was ringing off the hook for weeks. Then you have advertisers, head hunters, bill collectors, call boxes, stalkers, relatives...

I'd take this idea one step further and add a white list feature. For example, when a new call comes in, if the caller's caller-ID isn't in my phone book, the call could be silently sent straight to voice mail. Or a call-group could be checked. Of course a simple black-list feature would still be good. Whenever a call was ignored a notification could be entered, or a log could be updated.

My desire for this feature is one of the main reasons that I bought a G1. With an open source phone I am definitely going to try writing a better phone app (assuming that no one else does it first) .
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